Today Eidot Hey and Aleph had a special treat – we had  the “Topsy Turvy Bus” here at camp. The chanichim were taught to look at things differently and they were shown how to use their own energy as power.

Eidah Daled is out of camp today.

To see all of the presentations from Maccabiah go to the playlist on the Video Page

Maccabiah Final Presentations

Everyone did so well in the competitions, but the winners were מיסדים (Founders) - the red team.

Mini Mosh 1

Mini Mosh had a great time last night.


Kaytana had a great day. We found the girls at Taboon and Chavaya Israelit. We didn't catch up to the boys until they were on their way to dinner.

Eidah Hey

Eidah Hey had fun with Topsy Turvy Bus. They made smoothies in a blender powered by a bicycle and learned to grind wheat to make bread.

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph enjoyed the Topsy Turvy Bus they loved all of the activities.

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet had a great day today. We found them at many different peulot including Tie Dye, Mablab, and Naugarut.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel was all over camp today. We saw them having fun at many different peulot.