June 30 – Yom Mei HaYarden

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In this summer’s noseh chinuchi, Moshevet Netzach Yisrael, our chanichim will experience a journey through time, from Yehoshua to Shlomo Hamelech. We will build up the land with Yehoshua, explore different models of leadership, meet famous personalities such as the dynamic David Hamelech and the wise Shlomo Hamelech and more! Our chanichim will explore the lessons from these Tanach stories, understand the values that each of these personalities embody, as well as understand how these stories apply to our lives in modern Israel. We look forward to a fun and educational summer! See below to find out what each Eidah was doing around camp today.

Eidah Hey 6/30/16

Eidah Hey is off to a great start! We were having fun all over camp today. Boys were at Teva, Chavaya Yisraelit, Tennis GaGa, Music and were the first chanichim to work on our new wheels in Pottery. Today the girls started Round Robin sports games where they were divided into teams. Bunks are mixed between different teams and this is a great opportunity to have fun with friends from other bunks. Stay tuned for more Round Robin sports!

Eidah Aleph 6/30/16

Eidah Aleph had a great first day in camp today! Featured here are the boys starting their Basketball leagues and the girls at the climbing wall, Drama, and Nagarut (woodworking).

Eidah Bet 6/30/16

Eidah Bet is having a great time at their first day in camp! The boys' Basketball league is off to a fabulous start. The girls are featured here at Low Ropes and Utube, where they get to plan and film their own original videos!

Eidah Gimmel 6/30/16

Eidah Gimmel Had a great day in camp today! The girls had a wonderful time at Zumba and at our new and improved Biking peulah. We have new bike paths on our camp property! The Gimmel boys started Basketball leagues today.

Eidah Daled 6/30/16

Eidah Daled boys were having a great time on the Basketball courts as they started leagues today. Daled girls are featured at Soccer, Chavaya Yisraelit, The Mabada, and Galgalone!

Machal 6/30/16

Machal had fun hanging out and playing sports at court time today as well as Biking, Zumba, and pizza making at Taboon. After lunch they headed out for their first hike of the summer.