June 27 – Erev Shabbat

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We had another beautiful day in camp. Eidah Bet was out of camp today for a trip to Promised Land National Park and Roller Skating (sorry, no pictures), Machal came back last night and delivered pictures from their trip. Eidot Hey, Aleph, Gimmel and Daled were busy at a variety of activities. We are already beginning to prepare for Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom from Machane Moshava!

Opening Tochnit

Last night the chanichim came to the archery field through an arch of flags from cities in Israel. Then we played "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Shvil Yisrael Style". There was a movie, shelet aish, singing, dancing and, of course, fireworks! It was a great opening tochnit!

Eidah Hey

It was another fun filled day for Eidah Hey!

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph had a busy day all around camp.

Eidah Gimmel

We caught Eidah Gimmel at their sports leagues today. We saw a lot of skill and sportsmanship. Kol Ha Kavod!

Eidah Daled

Eidah Daled was back in camp after their Yom Sadeh yesterday. They had a great day.


Here are pictures from Machal's trip.