July 6 – Maccabiah – Day One

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It’s Maccabiah 2014 – Tzafon vs. Darom!

Here are the bunks on each team:

Tzafon (North) Colors: Blue, Red, Purple
Bunks: G5F, G4L, G4.5, B5, B6, B9, G1, G3R, B13, B11,G17, G18, B18, B19, G10, G12, B1, B3, G7,G15, B17

Darom (South) Colors: White, Yellow Green
Bunks: G4R, G5B, B7, B8, B10, G2, G3L, B14, B12,G9, G6B, G6F, B20, G11, G13, G14, B2, B4, G8, G16, B16, B15


Tzafon Costumes

One of the best parts of Maccabiah is the crazy costumes!

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Darom Costumes

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Sports Events


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Challenges - Album 1

Challenges - Album 2

Here are pictures of the "Chavaya Yisraelit" challenge, the "Taboon Iron Chef" and the Cupcake Challenge.


Machal was in camp today. We got some pictures of them relaxing this morning and we will take pictures of their "Yom Tzahal" later today. We'll post those pictures tomorrow as Mahcal heads off to Boston.