Bruchim Ha Baim – Moshevet Shvil Yisrael!

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Welcome to Moshevet Shvil Yisrael! The buses have arrived, the chanichim are settling into their bunks, the weather is beautiful and we are already having a great time.  Check back tomorrow for our first full day of activities… it’s going to be an AMAZING summer!

The Buses Are Here 1

The first bus arrived at 12:30 and everyone was there to greet the Chanichim.

The Buses Are Here 2

The buses kept coming and we kept on taking pictures.

Posing by the Poster

Every trip begins with a photo op by the "Welcome Sign".To begin our journey on Shvil Yisrael we prepared our own giant Bruchim Ha Baim sign. Everyone loved posing by the poster!