Aliya Bet

It was a great day at camp today. Today was the first day of swimming in the new pool.

Some of the Eidah Bet boys went horseback riding this morning and some of the Eidah Daled boys went biking.

Eidah Hey was out of camp today on a trip.

Machal is also out of camp today. Sorry no pictures of them either.

Moshava Bair

Moshava Bair had a great day today. We found the boys from making pizza. The girls had a great time on the lake. I wish we had pictures of them.

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph had a great day all over camp today.

Eidah Bet

Some of the Eidah Bet boys went horseback riding today while the rest were seen at a variety of peulot around camp.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel is having a great day at camp.

Eidah Daled

Eidah Daled returned from their shmutz last night. They have been busy today getting ready for their play.


More pictures from around camp.

Tzevet Mitbach

Some pictures of our wonderful Tzevet Mitbach.