July 30 Yehuda V’Shomron Day 1

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Today we had Intercamp sports day, where four camps competed in different sports. The four camps were – Moshava, Mesorah, Morasha and Lavi. Each Eidah went to a different camp. It was a very busy very fun day. We tried to take as many pictures as we could. We were unable to get pictures at Eidah Gimmel at Mesorah or the boys of Eidot Aleph and Bet at Morasha.

Machal Is in Buffalo today. Unfortunately, we do not have any pictures.

Eidah Hey

Eidah Hey welcomed Camps Mesorah, Morasha and Lavi today. They enjoyed competing in different sports on our fields. They also participated in a Solidarity for Israel program together with all the camps.

Eidot Aleph and Bet

Eidot Aleph and Bet went to Camp Morasha today. They enjoyed many sports and they also got to see some friends. Unfortunatly were were unable to get pictures on the boys campus.

Eidah Daled

Eidah Daled was at Camp Lavi today where they saw some old friends and had fun competing in many different sports.