Summer 2016 – Moshevet Netzach Yisrael

In this summer’s noseh chinuchi, Moshevet Netzach Yisrael, our chanichim will experience a journey through time, from the life of Yehoshua to Shlomo Hamelech.  We will build up the land with Yehoshua and explore different models of leadership as Am Yisrael begins life in the Land of Israel.  We will meet famous personalities such as the dynamic David Hamelech and the wise Shlomo Hamelech and learn about their lives.

Our chanichim will explore the lessons from these Tanach stories and understand the values that each of these Torah personalities embodies.  Through fun educational games and activities, they will discover how these stories apply to our modern lives.


Netzach Yisrael Museum

In the Netzach Yisrael Museum, the chanichim experience a hand-on journey back in time.  They enter the museum after 40 years in the desert and gather around a topographical map of ancient Israel.  On the walls of the room are floor-to-ceiling images of those places in Israel today.  This incredibly engaging learning experience connects this month’s theme to our chanichim’s own lives as well as life in modern Israel.