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Summer 2017 – Moshevet Yerushalayim

This year, Camp Moshava will be celebrating Moshevet Yerushalayim. Yerushalayim is the city which reflects in its stones, hills, buildings and stories the history of the Jewish People. This summer, the chanichim will experience the beginning of the development of Yerushalayim in the late 1800’s  the despair of Yerushalayim after 1948, the miracles of 1967 and of course, the ever-changing modern city of today. They will meet the important characters who were key figures in building up Yerushalayim. They will explore the alleyways, landmarks and shchunot, and ultimately understand that Yerushalayim is the center of the Jewish People.


Yerushalayim Museum

In the Yerushalayim Museum, the chanichim experience a hand-on journey through the city of Jerusalem from pre-State era to the present day.  They enter the museum at the time of Moses Montefiore.  On the walls of the room are floor-to-ceiling images and interactive maps of Jerusalem depicting how the city has changed over the past 100 years.  This incredibly engaging learning experience connects this month’s theme to our chanichim’s own lives as well as life in modern Israel.