Camp Moshava

Main Camp

Main camp consists of five Eidot (divisions). Eidah Hey is for children who have finished 3rd or 4th grade, Eidah Aleph is for children who have finished 5th grade and Eidah Bet is for children who have finished 6th grade. Eidot Gimmel and Daled are for children who have finished 7th and  8th grade respectively.

Each Eidah has its own special flavor and program.  All Eidot have daily Sheurim and swim and are involved in the educational theme of the month. In addition, there are sports, arts and crafts, lake activities, music, teva (nature shack), maabada (science lab), dance, nagarut (wood crafting), night activities and much more.

The older Eidot also have ropes, high ropes, biking and chuggim.  Chuggim are specialty activities chosen by the camper. Chuggim vary from intramural team sports and specialty crafts to drama, beit midrash and zumba.

In addition, each Eidah has its own “Shmutz” or Machaneh Chutz (overnight).  Different Eidot have different shmutz locations and the amount of time spent on the shmutz varies from Eidah to Eidah.
At Moshava we try to give every camper the individual attention that he or she deserves. Every bunk has three counselors and each Eidah has a male and female Rosh Eidah (division head), a camp parent and a Sgan Rosh Moshava who is responsible for the Eidah.