Here is where you will find videos of activities in camp.

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Daka B’Moshava – Ropes

What’s up at Moshav,a August 6 – 13

Drama/ Utube

What’s up at Moshava

David Schlusselberg’s new video

Busses Arrive for Second Month

First Month at Moshava

Week Three – First Session

Daled Choir

Gimmel Choir

Bet Stomp

Aleph Stomp

Daled Stomp

Hey Boy’s Dance

Bet Skit

Gimmel Skit

Hey Song

Aleph Song

Bet Song

Gimmel Song

Daled Song

Daka B’Moshava – Nagarut

Week Two – First Session

Shabbat Shalom!

Week One- First Session

Moshevet Yerushalayim

Opening Tochnit Moshevet Yerushalayim First Session

Buses Arrive First Session 2017