Moshava 5k and 10k

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Today was our Moshava 5k and 10k run. Chanichim gave been training all month. Many chanichim and tzevet ran and everyone else cheered. There was so much ruach in camp.

Most of today’s pictures are from the races, but we did get a few extras.

Friday Mifkad

This was our last Shabbat in camp this summer. Here are some pictures from Mifkad on Friday for you to enjoy.

Moshava 5k and 10k

Everyone was either running or cheering. It was a lot of fun.


We found the Kaytana boys at archery and we had to take a picture.

Eidah Hey

Here are few pictures of Eidah Hey from today.

Eidah Gimmel

Some of the Eidah Gimmel boys had a special peula with Channah's son, Nachshon, today.