July 7 – Maccabiah Day 2

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Today’s pictures feature the non-sports activities that are taking place during Maccabiah.
Tomorrow we will have pictures from the Apache Relay, Daglanut and Final Presentations.

Machal was in camp today and we took some pictures of them at breakfast and at some activities.

Cupcake Wars

In this challenge, each team had to create cupcakes that related to the team name.

Iron Chef

At the taboon, each team had to create a pizza that related to the team theme and explain their creation before eating it.

Chavaya Challenge

In the Chavaya Challenge, each team made pitot, hummus, labeneh and salad and set the table in a way that related to their team's theme. It was delicious and creative!

Slip N' Slide Bowling

For the first time ever we had Slip N' Slide bowling in which the chanichim had to slide down the Slip N' Slide and knock down as many inflatable bowling pins as possible. Everyone, including the Sganei Rosh Moshava, got into the game!

Flash Mobs and Rap Battle

Each team had to create and present an original "Flash Mob" dance and an original rap.They were great!

Costumes Day 2

The costumes were just as crazy today.


We took some pictures of Machal at breakfast and some other activities. Later today they will have "Yom Tzahal". We'll post the pictures tomorrow.