July 29 Negev Day 5

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Today was a great day at camp. The chanichim continued to learn about the Negev.

Eidah Daled went on there shmutz and unfortunately we were unable to get there to take pictures. We’ll get them tomorrow.

New York Stands With Israel Rally

Yesterday Eidot Gimmel Daled and Machal participated in the "New York Stands With IsraeL" rally. We were able to capture some pictures. Take a look.

Moshava Ba'ir

We welcome Moshava Ba'ir to camp. It was nice to see them enjoying themselves at different peulot.

Eidah Hey

Eidah Hey enjoyed many peulot at camp today. We found them at tree climbing, soccer, melechet yad.......

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph had a great day at camp today. They enjoyed many different peulot.

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet had a lot of fun at camp today. We were even able to catch them kayaking.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel had a great day learning about the Negev and participating in many different peulot including league sports.


Machal Enjoyed camp today. We were able to catch them at canoeing, high ropes and yoga.