July 28 – Negev Day 4

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Today Eidot Gimmel, Daled and Machal went to a New York to participate in the “New York Stands with Israel” rally.

The chanichim that stayed continued learning about the Negev and had a lot of fun all over camp.

Moshava Ba'ir

We welcome Moshava Ba'ir today. They enjoyed many peulot around camp and will be spending the night with us.

Eidah Hey

Eidah Hey could be found all over camp today. We got them at Flag Football , Chavaya Yiraelit, Galgalone, Volleyball.......It was a great day.

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph had a special Peulah today - "Southern Trek", where they learned more about the Negev.

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet had a great time in camp today. We got as many pictures as we could, unfortunately it rained after lunch which made it hard to capture everyone.

Eidot Gimmel Daled and Machal

Eidat Gimmel Daled and Machal spent the day in New York particitpating in the "New York Stands with Israel" rally. We will put up pictures on tomorrow's page.