July 25 – Mesibat Siyum

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What an AMAZING month we have had! We hope that you have enjoyed all the pictures and videos over the course of First Session. Enjoy the rest of your summer… we’ll see you next year!

Cocoa Club

Eidah Hey, Aleph and Bet chanichim who come to optional learning before tefila every morning earned themselves a trip to Baskin & Robin's this morning. The owner greeted them and told them how proud he is of them and that he prays for the Jewish people and Israel every day!

Final Mifkad

Our final Mifkad of the month celebrated everything we have learned this month. We presented our chanichim and tzevet who are making Aliya with special Moshava backpacks! V'Shavu Banim L'Gvulam!

Mesibat Siyum

What an amazing month it's been! We had a blast celebrating with a meaningful siyum, a fabulous banquet, slideshow and thank you's!