July 20 – Messibat Siyum

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It’s hard to believe that the month is over.

On Friday we had a “Flash Mob” to show our support of our chayalim.

This evening we had the Final Mifkad and the Messibat Siyum.

It’s been an amazing month!

Shalom v’ L’hitraot!

Flash Mob

Moshava is with Tzahal! We pray that all of the chayalim return home safe and sound.

Final Mifkad

Here are pictures from the final Mifkad of Moshevet Shvil Yisrael.

Messibat Siyum

Here are pictures from the Messibat Siyum. We started with Tehilim and the Mi'sheberach for the Chayalim. After a delicious dinner, Alan Silverman sang an original song and we had lots of ruach.