July 10 – Yom Omanut

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Eidah Hey and Aleph were the only Eidot in camp today.  Everyone else is having a fantastic time on trips. We will share more pictures when they are back in camp!


We found Eidah Hey at Drama, the Mab, Taboon, Zumba, Chavaya Yisraelit and the Museum.


Eidah Aleph had a fabulous day at Nagarut, Teva, U-tube and the Slip & Slide!

EIDAH BET is having a great time on their Shmutz!

EIDAH GIMMEL went on a trip to Six Flags today!


Eidah Daled  is on a two day trip! They sent us pictures from the corn maze and Turkey Hill ice cream factory.

MACHAL is on their Boston trip! We will post pictures when we get them.