July 18 – Yom Gevurat Yonatan

Today we learned about the bravery of Yonatan.  In an interactive educational peulah, chanichim learned about the process of anointing a king.  They made flutes and olive oil, as well as chocolate coins to represent the coins that kings designed to mark their reign. We had an amazing visit from Jewish film director Saul Blinkoff! Last night, he told us about how he became a Disney animator with a powerful message of never giving up on your dreams.  This morning, he gave a drawing workshop to Eidah Hey teaching them step-by-step lesson on how to draw Mickey Mouse. Machal left for their Boston trip. Pictures coming soon!

July 17 – Visiting Day

It was a beautiful day in camp today! It was so great to see so many friendly faces having a wonderful time all around camp! See you again soon! After visiting day was over there was a reunion for Shevetim: HaMevaser, Amishav, Nachala, and Barama.

July 14 – Yom David and Goliath

Today we learned about the life of David HaMelech. Chanichim had a fun break in their day where they had to sling a ball at a target to dunk "Golaith"! Other Eidot played the active "Traveling Ark" game in which they learned about how the Aron HaBrit traveled to different places before it ultimately rested in Yerushalayim.

July 13 – Yom Malchut

Today, through an interactive game, the chanichim learned about how the Aron HaBrit traveled to different places before it ultimately rested in Yerushalayim. The bunks were split into two teams and given a giant ball that represented the Aron. They learned that the Aron must be treated respectfully and that it cannot touch the ground, so that ball had to stay in the air the whole time. The goal was to get the ball into the goal which was Yerushalayim! Great fun was had by all! Machal left for another hike, more pictures coming soon.

July 11 – Maccabiah Day 2

Maccabiah at Moshava can’t be beat!  The energy all around camp is contagious: sports competitions, mosaic artwork, nagarut building challenges, iron chef and cupcake wars, and much more! Check out the Maccabiah album for more fun moments throughout the day! Machal is out hiking today. Check back tomorrow for pictures from their amazing adventures!

July 10 – Maccabiah Day 1

Maccabiah 2016!!!!  The teams are Shoftim (Blue/Green) and Melachim (Red/Yellow). Good luck to both teams! Team Shoftim represents the leaders of Am Yisrael between the time they entered Israel until the first kings took reign.  These rulers, also called judges, were chosen by G-d and known for their bravery in leading the nation at this time period.  Some of these leaders are: Ehud ben Gera, Devorah, Gideon and Shimshon. Team Melachim represents the kings of Israel. They are known for their wisdom, bravery, and strategic battle skills. The Kings were chosen by G-d and anointed by the Navi.  These kings include: Shaul, David and Shlomo. Machal left for another trip, check back for pictures tomorrow!

July 7 – Yom Ruth

The Netzach Yisrael museum is up and running! Chanichim experience a hand-on journey back in time that they will remember for a lifetime! They entered the museum after 40 years in the desert and gathered around a topographical map of ancient Israel.  On the walls are floor to ceiling images of those places in Israel today.  It is an incredibly engaging learning experience that connects this month's theme to their modern lives. Today we feature Eidah Hey chanichim in the museum, but we will continue posting more bunk pictures as they come. Eidah Gimmel had a fantastic time on day two of their chutz!