July 13 – Rosh Chodesh Av

EIDAH HEY Eidah Hey is having an awesome time on their shmutz (camp out)!! EIDAH ALEPH Eidah Aleph had a fun day around camp today! EIDAH BET Eidah Bet was all over camp today! EIDAH GIMMEL Eidah Gimmel is enjoying camp activities and participating in Yom Nate at Camp Nesher! EIDAH DALED Eidah Daled was able to enjoy so many of the activities around camp! MACHAL Machal is having a blast at Yom Nate in Camp Nesher!!

July 12 – Yom Shira

EIDAH HEY Eidah Hey hiked to the Shmutz (outdoor overnight) today! EIDAH ALEPH Eidah Aleph had leagues today! EIDAH BET Eidah Bet had fun around camp today! EIDAH GIMMEL Eidah Gimmel had a blast at a BBQ Bar Mitzvah last night! EIDAH DALED Eidah Daled enjoyed being back in camp after an amazing two day trip! MACHAL is in Boston. Check back for more pictures tomorrow!  

August – 4 Yom Gevurah

We had a beautiful day in camp today. Eidah Bet went on their Chutz today. They had a lot of fun swimming in the lake, playing games and preparing their bonfires. Eidah Gimmel Boys went on a rafting trip today.

July 31 – Yom Mei HaYarden

In this summer's noseh chinuchi, Moshevet Netzach Yisrael, our chanichim will experience a journey through time, from Yehoshua to Shlomo Hamelech. We will meet the characters and explore the lessons from the stories. The chanichim will apply these lessons to modern day Israel. We look forward to a fun and educational summer!

July 22 – Erev Shabbat

We are gearing up for our last Shabbat of first session.  Everyone had a great time in camp today.  Machal is back and Eidah Hey had a great time on day 2 of their trip! Shabbat Shalom for camp!