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Bruchim HaBaim Moshevet Aloh Na’aleh

Welcome to Moshevet Aloh Na'aleh! The website team works hard to show you the variety of activities going on in camp. Click on the picture on the right hand side of the description. This opens up all of the pictures in that album. You can click on the pictures to view them in a larger size. We look forward to bringing you many wonderful pictures throughout the month!

August 12 – Galil Day 3

We had some special peulot in camp today. Some chanichim participated in the "Golan Fair", where they learned to milk a cow. Eidah Gimmel had a lot of fun baking cookies with Beverly, our amazing baker. Eidot Hey and Aleph went on a trip to a place called "Have a Hoot", and they did. Machal is in Canada.