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A lot of Chanichim were out of camp today. Eidah Daled is at Hershey Park, Eidah Bet went to Dorney Park and Eidah Aleph went on their shmutz. Mini Mosh went home today after a fun few days at camp.


Today Eidot Hey and Aleph had a special treat - we had  the "Topsy Turvy Bus" here at camp. The chanichim were taught to look at things differently and they were shown how to use their own energy as power. Eidah Daled is out of camp today. To see all of the presentations from Maccabiah go to the playlist on the Video Page

Hakamat Hamedina

Camp is back to normal today after a great visiting day yesterday. Eidah Aleph boys went horseback riding and most of the chanichim got to enjoy the pool. Eidah Bet is on their Shmutz today and we hope to have some pictures tomorrow. Click here to see pictures of Rabbi Riskin speaking to Eidah Daled and Machal.