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July 4 – Yom Devorah

Today, Eidah Daled left for their machane chutz (overnight) and we welcomed the delegation from the Israeli Elitzur basketball team.  Elitzur is the Israeli Religious Sports Association and their high school team is spending the week in camp with us.

July 3 – Yom Pesach Rishon

Pesach in July!!! Am Yisrael entered Eretz Yisrael and they celebrate their first holiday, Pesach, in Eretz Yisrael! Today the chanichim experienced Pesach in camp and the excitement that Am Yisrael felt as they joyously celebrated this holiday together in Eretz Yisrael. Scroll down to see a special album of our Pesach seder at lunch today. Also scroll down for a special album of Friday's Mifkad, our weekly pre-Shabbat gathering, which is a highlight of every week at Camp Moshava!

July 1 Erev Shabbat

Last night’s Opening Tochnit was amazing!  The program featured a very entertaining trivia game show with two teams: Biblical characters vs. Modern Israeli leaders. The highlights were the Shelet Aish (Fire Sign), Fireworks and the Opening Movie. Click here to see the movie. Machal was out on their first hike of the summer today. We try our best to capture their activities in camp, and get pictures from them while they are out.  Check back next week for more pictures! Shabbat Shalom from camp!

June 30 – Yom Mei HaYarden

In this summer's noseh chinuchi, Moshevet Netzach Yisrael, our chanichim will experience a journey through time, from Yehoshua to Shlomo Hamelech. We will build up the land with Yehoshua, explore different models of leadership, meet famous personalities such as the dynamic David Hamelech and the wise Shlomo Hamelech and more! Our chanichim will explore the lessons from these Tanach stories, understand the values that each of these personalities embody, as well as understand how these stories apply to our lives in modern Israel. We look forward to a fun and educational summer! See below to find out what each Eidah was doing around camp today.

Moshava 5k and 10k

Today was our Moshava 5k and 10k run. Chanichim gave been training all month. Many chanichim and tzevet ran and everyone else cheered. There was so much ruach in camp. Most of today's pictures are from the races, but we did get a few extras.