August 2 – Yom Devorah

It was a beautiful day in camp today. Over the next few days we will meet the Shoftim. The chanichim will learn about the bravery, leadership skills, and dedication of Devorah, Ehud Ben Gera, Gideon and more! The chanichim will test their skills and battle it out in "Survivor- Shoftim Style".

July 31 – Yom Mei HaYarden

In this summer's noseh chinuchi, Moshevet Netzach Yisrael, our chanichim will experience a journey through time, from Yehoshua to Shlomo Hamelech. We will meet the characters and explore the lessons from the stories. The chanichim will apply these lessons to modern day Israel. We look forward to a fun and educational summer!

July 28 – Bruchim HaBaim

Bruchim habaim to all the chanichim that came up today for Moshevet Netzach Yisrael. It was so exciting seeing all the happy faces around camp. here are some pictures of the chanichim arriving. They are in to particular order. We had four photographers roaming around. Each folder contains pictures taken by a different photographer. You might find pictures of your kids in more than one folder. Going forward we will separate pictures by eidah. Enjoy!

July 6 – Yom Shimshon

Today’s educational programming featured the story of Shimshon.  Chanichim participated in an active survivor challenge game using information they learned from the Navi. Eidah Gimmel left for their chutz today and Machal sent us pictures from their hike!  

July 5 – Yom Gideon

We learned the story of Gideon from the Navi today.  During a special chinuch (educational) activity, the chanichim put their knowledge of the text into action in an exciting "Survivor Challenge" game. Machal is on a trip and will be sending us pictures of their fun adventures soon. Check back tomorrow for more Machal photos!