Second Session

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Moshava 5k and 10k

Today was our Moshava 5k and 10k run. Chanichim gave been training all month. Many chanichim and tzevet ran and everyone else cheered. There was so much ruach in camp. Most of today's pictures are from the races, but we did get a few extras.


A lot of Chanichim were out of camp today. Eidah Daled is at Hershey Park, Eidah Bet went to Dorney Park and Eidah Aleph went on their shmutz. Mini Mosh went home today after a fun few days at camp.


Today Eidot Hey and Aleph had a special treat - we had  the "Topsy Turvy Bus" here at camp. The chanichim were taught to look at things differently and they were shown how to use their own energy as power. Eidah Daled is out of camp today. To see all of the presentations from Maccabiah go to the playlist on the Video Page