July 2 – Yom Exodus

Today was a special day in camp. We had some amazing activities! Joseph Gitler a Moshava alumnus and founder and director of Leket Israel came to talk to chanichim about his Aliyah experience and how he founded his important organization. One of the filmmakers of Beneath The Helmet came to show the film and to speak to chanichm about it. Machal had color war and last night we had a special presentation of the "Sweet Homeland of Israel" band featuring our very own Alan Silverman.

June 30 – Yom Youth Aliyah

It rained on and off all day but we adjusted the schedule and everyone had a great time. Eidah Gimmel and Daled girls visited "Cafe Oleh", our very own version of the cafes where Jews would meet to discuss issues at the turn of the century. During each course the girls were "served" a dilemma to go with their food. They discussed the dilemmas and came up with solutions. A delectable time was had by all. Eidah Bet and Machal were out of camp today.  

June 25 – Olei Tanach Day 2

Last night's Opening Tochnit was amazing! It featured a special version of "Let's Make a Deal" in which Olim from different countries tried to get the prizes that would help them get to Israel. The highlights were the Shelet Aish (Fire Sign), Fireworks and the Opening Movie. Click here to see the movie.

Bruchim HaBaim Moshevet Aloh Na’aleh

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