July 8 – Modern Aliyah Day 1

Maccabiah has ended. Team Shamayim won by less than 200 points. We are putting up several albums of pictures from Maccabiah today and make sure to check out the videos on our video page. Eidah Daled is out of camp on a rafting trip today so we don't have any pictures (but they are in many of the Maccabiah pictures). We also have many pictures of Machal's Yom Tzahal.  

July 7 – Maccabiah Day 2

Today's pictures feature the non-sports activities that are taking place during Maccabiah. Tomorrow we will have pictures from the Apache Relay, Daglanut and Final Presentations. Machal was in camp today and we took some pictures of them at breakfast and at some activities.

July 6 – MACCABIAH!!

Maccabiah broke out on Motzei Shabbat with the Tzevet vs. Tzevet Bachir basketball game. There are three teams - Yam, Yabasha and Shamayim. Each team represents a way in which Jews have made Aliyah to Israel. Yam - by sea, Yabasha - by land and Shamayim - by air. Click Here to see the team lists. Today's pictures are still divided by Eidot and we've put in an album of pictures from break out as well as an album of pictures of Maccabiah costumes. Machal is out of camp today on a rafting trip.

July 5 – Shiva Assar B’Tammuz

This year Shiva Assar B'Tammuz has been dedicated to help us all think about how we can do good for others, on a personal, camp, and national level. Here are some of the video clips that Chanichim have seen today. Josh - Opening the Doors Middle School Football Team Above and Beyond Tikun Olam There are fewer pictures than usual today due to the nature of the day Wishing you an easy and meaningful fast.