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July 19 – Packing Day

Today is packing day and tonight is banquet. We are posting pictures from Friday including the Final Erev Shabbat Mifkad at which we honored Tzevet (staff) and Chanichim who are making Aliyah as well as Alan Silverman for 30 Years as Camp Director at Moshava. We will post the banquet pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

July 16 – Yom Mishlachat

    The Mishlachat (Israeli Staff) is an integral part of camp. Today was Yom Mishalachat. The Mishlachat transformed the Pavilion and made it into a "Kibbutz Galuyot" arena. There were different stations for each of the Aliyot that we've focused on this summer. It was FANTASTIC!  

July 8 – Modern Aliyah Day 1

Maccabiah has ended. Team Shamayim won by less than 200 points. We are putting up several albums of pictures from Maccabiah today and make sure to check out the videos on our video page. Eidah Daled is out of camp on a rafting trip today so we don't have any pictures (but they are in many of the Maccabiah pictures). We also have many pictures of Machal's Yom Tzahal.  

July 7 – Maccabiah Day 2

Today's pictures feature the non-sports activities that are taking place during Maccabiah. Tomorrow we will have pictures from the Apache Relay, Daglanut and Final Presentations. Machal was in camp today and we took some pictures of them at breakfast and at some activities.