July 14 – Negev – Day 1

We have started our last full week of camp! It's hard to believe how quickly the time is going. Today we started learning about the Negev. Many chanichim had the  new chinuch peulah, "Southern Trek",  in which they played Negev Spot It! It was very cool Here is the first Negev Daka Ba'Shvil

July 11 – Erev Shabbat

It was another beautiful day in camp today. Machal was back and we have lots of pictures from Boston. Eidah Hey was on their shmutz and everyone else was busy doing lots of activities. If you have a problem viewing the pictures when you click on them you can click here to view them directly in Picasa. Sorry for any inconvenience. We look forward to seeing everyone on Visiting Day. Shabbat Shalom!

July 10 – Yehuda v’ Shomron – Day 3

Many Eidot were out of camp today. Eidah Hey left for their shmutz, Eidah Aleph was also on their shmutz, Eidah Bet was in Dorney Park and Machal was in Boston. We have continued to learn about Yehuda v' Shomron. Go to our Video Page to see the Daka Ba' Shvil segments about Yehuda v' Shomron. If you have trouble seeing the pictures on this page you can go directly to our Picasa Albums to view the pictures.

July 6 – Maccabiah – Day One

It's Maccabiah 2014 - Tzafon vs. Darom! Here are the bunks on each team: Tzafon (North) Colors: Blue, Red, Purple Bunks: G5F, G4L, G4.5, B5, B6, B9, G1, G3R, B13, B11,G17, G18, B18, B19, G10, G12, B1, B3, G7,G15, B17 Darom (South) Colors: White, Yellow Green Bunks: G4R, G5B, B7, B8, B10, G2, G3L, B14, B12,G9, G6B, G6F, B20, G11, G13, G14, B2, B4, G8, G16, B16, B15 GO TEAM TZAFON! GO TEAM DAROM!