July 27 – Negev day 3

There was a lot going on in camp today. The chanichim of Eidah Aleph and Bet had a special peula where they reenacted the historic "race" to conquer Eilat in 1948. They had so much fun racing all over camp. Eidah Gimmel left very early this morning to go rafting.

July 17 – Yom Nate

It was another busy day in camp. Eidot Aleph and Gimmel were at either Yom Nate, a memorial sports event in Camp Nesher, or at a Yom Fun out of camp. Eidah Bet is still on their Shmutz, Eidah Daled and Machal are still on their trips. So today... Eidah Hey ruled the camp! Enjoy the last Daka Ba'Shvil of the month. It's about Sde Boker in the Negev.

July 16 – Negev Day 2

Many Eidot were out of camp today. Eidah Daled is on an overnight trip to Connecticut, Eidah Gimmel is in Hershey and Machal is on an overnight hiking trip. Eidah Bet left for their shmutz and Eidot Hey and Aleph enjoyed ruling the camp! We continued to learn about the Negev. Here is our second Negev Daka Ba'Shvil

July 15 – Shiva Assar B’ Tamuz

We are observing the fast of Shiva Assar B'Tamuz. Machal had all night learning last night and is sleeping in today so we don't have any pictures of them. The weather is good for fasting and the older Eidot are having a quiet day of educational programming. We hope everyone has an easy and meaningful fast.