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July 6 – Maccabiah – Day One

It's Maccabiah 2014 - Tzafon vs. Darom! Here are the bunks on each team: Tzafon (North) Colors: Blue, Red, Purple Bunks: G5F, G4L, G4.5, B5, B6, B9, G1, G3R, B13, B11,G17, G18, B18, B19, G10, G12, B1, B3, G7,G15, B17 Darom (South) Colors: White, Yellow Green Bunks: G4R, G5B, B7, B8, B10, G2, G3L, B14, B12,G9, G6B, G6F, B20, G11, G13, G14, B2, B4, G8, G16, B16, B15 GO TEAM TZAFON! GO TEAM DAROM!

July 2 – Chof Ha Yam

Today was our first day learning about Chof Ha Yam (the coastal area). Chanichim got to go to "Garbage Wars", a special peulah in which they made "boats" out of recycled garbage. They did this as part of learning about the ports in Israel, which are such an important part of the coastal plain.

June 30

The news today has affected staff and chanichim. We are giving everyone the opportunity to express their feelings and to engage in positive actions in memory of Naftali, Gilad and Ayal. We had regular activities this morning, despite a rainy start to the day. Chanichim were informed of the news during Mincha and then regular activities resumed. The entire Machane was involved in helping each other and the chanichim deal with the situation so there may be fewer pictures than usual for some eidot. Yehi Zichram Baruch

June 27 – Erev Shabbat

We had another beautiful day in camp. Eidah Bet was out of camp today for a trip to Promised Land National Park and Roller Skating (sorry, no pictures), Machal came back last night and delivered pictures from their trip. Eidot Hey, Aleph, Gimmel and Daled were busy at a variety of activities. We are already beginning to prepare for Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom from Machane Moshava!

June 26 – Golan Day 2

It was another beautiful day here in camp. There was a lot of rain last night but the weather cleared up and everyone was able to participate in all of their regular peulot.  The chanichim have continues to experience and learn  about the important places in the Golan. They have stomped on grapes at our Golan Winery, milked our Golan cow, learned about the important story of Eli Cohen and the strategic location of the Golan, exploded volcanoes and enjoyed the fresh water of the Golan Heights with our very own water slide! Machal and Eidah Daled were out of camp today - Machal on a hike, and Eidah Daled on a "Yom Sadeh" (Field Day). Tonight is the Opening Tochint (program) and tomorrow is our first Erev Shabbat of the summer.