August 12 – Galil Day 3

We had some special peulot in camp today. Some chanichim participated in the "Golan Fair", where they learned to milk a cow. Eidah Gimmel had a lot of fun baking cookies with Beverly, our amazing baker. Eidot Hey and Aleph went on a trip to a place called "Have a Hoot", and they did. Machal is in Canada.

Erev Shabbat

What a great week. The younger chanichim got to experience the beach and the older chanichim  learned about how Israel as the "startup nation". Today the younger Eidot had a special treat. Eidah Daled performed "Frozen" for them. They did an amazing job and they will do it again tomorrow night for the rest of the camp. Eidah Gimmel was at the shmutz site all day today. Machal is at the Wayne County Fair today.

August 7 – Chof Hayam Day 2

Today was a great day at camp. We continued to learn about Chof Hayam. The chanichim played matkot on the beach. Eidah Aleph left early this morning to Dorney Park. Eidah Bet also spent the day at Dorney park. They returned this evening. Eidah Gimmel went on their Shmutz today.