August 13 – Galil Day 4

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It was a fun day at camp today. Some bunks went horseback riding, Kaytana went on a trip to a coal mine, a bounce house and finished with a movie. Eidah Daled is out of camp. They’ll be back tomorrow and Machal is still in Canada.


Last night Eidah Daled prepared and ran a carnival for Kaytana and Eidah Hey. It was so much fun.

Mini Mosh

We were able to catch some chanichim from Mini Mosh today before they left. We found them at Hoops and Loops, Melechet Yad and Yoga. They were all having fun.

Eidah Hey

Eidah Hey had a great day. They had some special peulot, one that included making ice cream.

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph had a great day at camp today. They participated in some special peulot and they also enjoyed volleyball leagues.

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet had a fun day in camp today. Some chanichim went horseback riding this morning. The rest enjoyed different peulot around camp including league sports.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel had a great day today. They enjoyed many peulot around camp.