August 12 – Galil Day 3

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We had some special peulot in camp today. Some chanichim participated in the “Golan Fair”, where they learned to milk a cow. Eidah Gimmel had a lot of fun baking cookies with Beverly, our amazing baker. Eidot Hey and Aleph went on a trip to a place called “Have a Hoot”, and they did. Machal is in Canada.


Take a look at some pictures from yesterday's Daglanut competition.

Maccabiah Final Presentations

Maccabiah was so much fun yesterday. Last night every one joined in for the final team presentations.

Mini Mosh

It is so nice to see Mini Mosh having so much fun in camp.


Kaytana had a special peulah today called "Krazy Kalzones". All of Kaytana played together. They had so much fun.

Eidah Hey

Today Eidah Hey went on a trip to "Have a Hoot". They had a great time. We were able to get some pictures when they got back.

Eidah Aleph

Eidah Aleph also went to "Have a Hoot" today. They had a great time. They also had a special peula today called "Golan Fair". One of the activities was learning to milk a cow.

Eidah Bet

Eidah Bet was very lucky today. They made cookies with our amazing baker, Beverly.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel had many different peulot today, including a ropes challenge where they learned to work together.

Eidah Daled

Eidah Daled had a great day. They participated in different peulot including "Krazy Kalzones". They also spent some of the day preparing a carnival for Kaytana and Eidah Hey. We will have pictures of the carnival tomorrow.