August 11 – Galil Day 2

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What a day! There was so much going on here at camp. All the Eidot competed in the Maccabiah.
There was so much excitement.

Mini Mosh

Mini Mosh is having a great time at camp. Today we found them playing basketball, tie dying and at archery.


Kaytana is having a lot of fun. Today we found them enjoying the MAB, tree climbing, Chavaya Yisraelit and drama.


Last night we broke out maccabiah. Everyone was so excited and we started with the competitions.

Eidot Hey and Aleph

There were alot of fun competitions between these two eidot.

Eidot Aleph and Bet

Eidot Aleph and Bet competed in many different activities.

Eidot Bet and Gimmel

Every one had so much fun.

Eidot Gimmel and Daled

Eidot Gimmel and Daled were a great match.

Eidot Hey, Aleph and Bet - Amazing Shvil Yisrael Race

Everyone had so much fun racing in this relay.

Eidot Gimmel and Daled - Amazing Shvil Yisrael Race

What a race!